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AIS Sports Nutrition Periodisation Workshop :
Restricted to Sports Nutrition Network Members. Greg Cox, Senior Sports Dietitian, Australian Institute of Sport. Ida Heikura, PhD Student, Exercise and Nutrition Research Group, Australian Catholic University. Pete Peeling, University of Western Australia. Alannah McKay, Australian Institute of Sport. Prof Louise Burke, Head of Sports Nutrition, Australian Institute of Sport. Philo Saunders, Senior Physiologist, Australian Institute of Sport. John Mitchell, Strength and Conditioning Coach, Brumbies Rugby. Ali Patterson, Advanced Sports Dietitian. Greg Shaw, Senior Sports Dietitian, Australian Institute of Sport. Tony Rice, Senior Physiologist. Bronwen Lundy, Senior Sports Dietitian, Australian Institute of Sport. Gary Slater, National Performance Nutrition Coordinator, Australian Rugby Union. This workshop focused on Dietary Periodisation for NINSports Dietitians working with AWE athletes. The aim of the workshop was to learn not only the theory of Dietary Periodisation but also its practical application to different sports. The intention of the workshop was to be interactive and to stimulate discussion regarding the implementation and practice of Dietary Periodisation within AWE program. . Train high : acute effects / Greg Cox -- Train low : acute efects on other body systems / Ida Heidura -- Train low : acute efects on other body systems / Pete Peeliing, Alanna McKay -- Training studies : translation from muscle to performance / Prof Louise Burke -- Fat adaption as a periodisation strategy / Prof Louise Burke -- Endurance sports : distance running, race walking, triathlon / Philo Saunders -- Team sports / John Mitchell, Ali Patterson -- Sustained high-intensity sports : swimming / Greg Shaw -- Sustained high-intensity sports : rowing / Tony Rice, Bronwen Lundy -- Periodisation of energy availability / Bronwyn Lundy -- Restricted time feeding : practices in athletes / Gary Slater -- Conversations : barriers to successful periodisation / Greg Shaw -- Feedback and AIS update / Prof Louise Burke -- Panel discussion / Prof Louise Burke, John Hawley, Gary Slater and Greg Shaw.