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Smart Talk Presentation 2018 :
This video is available to all Clearinghouse members. In this Smart Talk, Emerson will share some of his past experiences researching the science of combat sports with a focus on his primary sport of interest, Judo. He will share a historical background of judo research, an overview of the work his research group at the University of Sao Paolo has completed, as well as detail what projects he will be completing during his time at AIS in 2018. These projects cover a range of topics, primarily within the themes of physical preparation, technical-tactical analysis and judo competition organisation and management. Emerson is keen to meet, share ideas and collaborate with staff from across the AIS, and we hope this Smart Talk will act as the perfect introduction. Video 1 : The Science of Judo: history, recent work and future directions (60m 40 s) -- Video 2 : Transferring knowledge to athletes and coaches (5m 40s) -- Video 3 : Research projects while at the AIS (4m 57s)