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Smart Talk Presentation 2017 :
This video is available to all Clearinghouse members. Synopsis : In this presentation David and Philippe detailed the patterns of training and relationships to competitive performance in elite swimmers over a 20 year period. They analysed relationships between the final 12 weeks of training and end-of-season competition performance in 138 elite sprint, middle-distance and distance swimmers in 2958 training sessions. The data indicates that training 6-11 weeks is highly influential on subsequent performance, that sprinters need a good taper, and maximal strength loads should be avoided in the final weeks before competition. Periodised training in swimmers should be specific to event distances, from highly periodised training for sprinters to more continuous and progressively changing training for long-distance swimmers. These outcomes could be useful for other sports. Video 1 : Full presentation (58 minutes) -- Video 2 : Presentation summary (2 minutes) -- Video 3 : Questions (8 minutes).