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2020 Vision – Movement Science to Tokyo :
Available for Clearinghouse for Sport member groups B & C only. Elaine Tor, Sports Biomechanist, SASI. The Movement Science Forum is an annual information sharing initiative for movement science specialists working within the Australian sport system. In 2016 it was hosted by AIS Movement Science on December 13 – 14 in Canberra. The theme for the Forum was 2020 Vision – Movement Science to Tokyo. The objectives of the Forum were to: Workshop the findings from the National MS Network Project, which focused on improving understanding of the roles of national discipline leads in Biomechanics, Performance Analysis and Skill Acquisition ; Provide a forum to share inter-disciplinary success stories from the Rio cycle and stimulate further servicing and project initiatives for the Commonwealth Games, the Winter Olympics and Tokyo 2020 ; Explore the opportunities MS practitioners have with the newly created Innovation Research and Development section at the AIS ; Hear about the potential of the “Deep Learning” computer science domain for MS services. Interdisciplinary Case Study - Swimming / Elaine Tor.