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Winning pathways workshop - athlete pathways & development :
Available for Clearinghouse for Sport member groups B & C only. Sara Mulkearns, National Junior High Performance Manager, Athletics Australia. The aim of the Winning Pathways Workshop series is to enhance the knowledge, skills and abilities of those who manage the identification, verification and performance development of athletes on their journey to the podium at Olympic/Paralympic/Commonwealth Games and World Championships. This was the seventh workshop in the Winning Pathways series since December 2013. Around 80 people working in pathways development attended this workshop including AIS/ASC staff: the majority of participants were NSO staff with significant representation from State departments of sport and recreation, NIN, universities, sports schools and regional academies. This workshop covered the following topics including: •NSO updates of their recent pathways work: “3 slides in 3 minutes” •Effective communications •Future direction of NAPF direct action: Communication, Implementation & Measuring Impact •Applied Coaching Practices •Olympic gold medallist Lauren Burns – The athlete’s voice •Applying learnings from other domains - St. Thomas Choir of Leipzig •Contemporary & International TID Insights. Previous Workshops have dealt with athlete profiling, and National Athlete Pathway Frameworks, NSO initiatives, athlete load monitoring, market segmentation, and personal development sessions with leading business schools. 3 Slides in 3 Minutes - Athletics Australia / Sara Mulkearns.