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2016 high performance sports knowledge growth forum : Australian Institute of Sport - Athlete Management System (AMS), 5-7 December 2016.
Available for Clearinghouse for Sport member groups B & C only. Video presentations are from day three of the forum to provide an overview of the current and future areas of interest in the State Institutes and Academies of Sport scientific community. Mick Drew, Senior Sports Physiotherapist, AIS. Conference program Day 1 - 5 December 2016 : The focus for day one was on the research and development being conducted or recently completed in Olympic and Paralympic sports. Conference program Day 2 - 6 December 2016 : The focus for day two was on the coaches and high performance directors providing the research and development community with an insight into their knowledge gaps. HP Directors and coaches also provided information on the topics within which their respective sports submitted Competitive Innovation Fund applications. Conference program Day 3 - 7 December 2016 : Day three was for the research representatives of each SISAS and Foundation Sports. The day was spent distilling the previous two days, and drafting a National Research and Development Agenda. Australian Institute of Sport - Athlete Management System (AMS) / Mick Drew (5 minute 19 seconds).