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Sport and terrorism.
Prepared by: Chris Hume and Christine May, Senior Research Consultants, Clearinghouse, Australian Sports Commission. Evaluation by: Professor Tracey Taylor, University of Technology Sydney (UTS), School of Business (May 2017). Last Updated: October 2017. Introduction: The terrorist attack during the 1972 Munich Olympic Games signalled that sport could be a target for violent political or social extremism. Since that time a number of sporting events around the world have been targeted by terrorists and this has led to a greatly heightened focus upon risk management and security planning. (From article). Key Messages : 1. Sporting events have been targeted by terrorists dating back to the 1972 Munich Olympic Games. 2. Governments at all levels now play a significant role in major sporting events especially from a security perspective. 3. Critical Incident Management planning is an important tool for any sporting body that organises large scale events.


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