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University pathways for elite athlete development.
Prepared by: Dr Ralph Richards, Senior Research Consultant, NSIC/Clearinghouse, Australian Sports Commission. Evaluation by: Martin Roberts, Performance Strategy Manager, Swimming Australia Ltd. (December 2016). Last Updated 28 July 2017. Introduction: Universities offer higher, or tertiary, education and research opportunities. The majority of students who attend university are in their late teens to 20s – which is also a key demographic for elite sports performance. Universities can, and do, have a strong impact on the sport sector, particularly in supporting and developing elite student-athletes through quality facilities and infrastructure, supportive programming, competitive opportunities, and sometimes scholarships or grants. Elite athletes can benefit significantly from educational and career opportunities outside of sport. It is important for athletes, parents, and other support people (i.e. coaches) to understand the opportunities, both domestic and international, that are available for athletes in order to choose the best options to support both academic and competitive goals. Likewise, universities and sporting organisations need to clearly understand the role which university education can play for athletes and develop strong pathways for athletes to continue their holistic development.. (From article). Key Messages : 1. Many Olympic athletes have advanced their sporting careers during the critical development period from 18 to 23 years of age while attending university. 2. Sporting opportunities for Australian university student-athletes residing in Australia are primarily supported by their National Sporting Organisation, the Australian Institute of Sport, and the State Institutes/Academy of Sport network. Universities assist with the coordination of dual education and sport objectives. 3. The University/College sport system in the United States, the NCAA, offers extensive sport resources and competition opportunities for US student-athletes, and opportunities also exist for international students. 4. Acquiring a university degree and life skills are additional outcomes that a student-athlete can obtain.


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