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2016 Winning pathways workshop, Day 1, 6/6/2016 :
Workshop held at Australian Institute of Sport, Canberra, ACT on 6-7/6/2016. Available for Clearinghouse for Sport member groups B, and C only. The aim of the Winning Pathways Workshop series is: To enhance the knowledge, skills and abilities of those who manage the identification, verification and performance development of athletes on their journey to the podium at Olympic/Paralympic/Commonwealth Games and World Championships. This was the sixth workshop in the Winning Pathways series since December 2013. Over 140 people working in pathways development have now attended the series not including AIS/ASC staff: the majority have been NSO staff with significant representation from State departments of sport and recreation, NIN, universities, sports schools and regional academies. This workshop covers a broad range of topics including: NSO Special projects designed to benefit the whole sporting sector as well as the sports themselves; Maturation and its influence on selection and development; News about some Athlete Pathways and Development initiatives; Personnel Excellence and athlete development; NIN and its role in pathways. (From introduction) Day 1 6/6/2016 : Welcome and overview of workshop / Andrew Logan, Deputy Director, AIS Athletes Coaching and Leadership (ACL) -- Update of current Athlete Pathways & Development initiatives / Dr Juanita Weissensteiner, Acting Head, AIS Athlete Pathways and Development -- FTEM best practice principles and the AIS Pathways Connect Platform / Don Cameron, AIS Athlete Pathways and Development -- Update on Direct Action Program / Kable Kelleway and Daniel Green, AIS Athlete Pathways and Development -- Update on myAISbasecamp initiative / Robert Medlicott and Dr Alison Alcock, AIS Athlete Pathways and Development -- NIN review and recommendations / Emery Holmik, AIS High Performance -- The “Prospecting for Gold Project / Professor Allan Hahn -- Learnings from Talent identification strategies within South Australia / Kevin McCormack, Senior Project Officer, Sport Pathways, South Australian Office for Recreation and Sport. Day 2 7/6/2016 : [Not Filmed] Maturation and its impact on TID practice / Dr Steven Cobley, Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Health sciences, The University of Sydney -- Maturation and its practical implications for talent identification & development in Swimming / Jamie Salter, Talent Pathway Manager, Swimming Australia & Daniel Green, AIS Athlete Pathways and Development -- Update and Learnings from Swimming Australia’s Special Sport Project, Jamie Salter, High Performance Talent Pathway Manager, Swimming Australia -- Not Filmed] Update and Learnings from Australian Sailing’s Special Sport Project / Elise Rechcichi, Talent Development Coordinator, Australian Sailing -- Panel Discussion: Sharing the early learnings from the AIS Performance Leaders program / Moderator: Andrew Logan, Deputy Director AIS ACL, Panel: Jamie Salter, Stacey West, Jo Richards, Josh Sear -- The criticality of Personal Excellence to facilitate Athlete Development / Dr Juanita Weissensteiner, AIS Athlete Pathways and Development, Sharyn Arnold and Dr Bronwyn Jonathan, AIS Personal Excellence.