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Silent contributors to injury - illness - performance, 18-19 March 2016 : Session 3 - Medical : Preparing for the road to Rio; Hygiene/Infection / Carolyn Broderick.
Available for Clearinghouse for Sport member groups B, C, D & E only. Presenter : Current roles include: Staff specialist in sport and exercise medicine at The Children’s Hospital at Westmead; Senior Lecturer Faculty of Medicine, UNSW; Deputy Medical Director, Australian Olympic Team Rio 2016; Team physician Fed Cup tennis team; Member Australian Sports Drug Medical Advisory Committee (ASDMAC); Member Medical Advisory Panel NRL. Previous roles: Medical Director, Australian Youth Olympic Team, Nanjing 2014; Team physician, Australian Olympic Team Sydney 2000 and London 2012 Olympic Games; Chief Medical Officer, Australian Women’s Basketball Team 1996-2001. This Symposium was jointly presented by Sports Medicine Australia ACT and the Australian Institute of Sport. Sub themes for the conference include: Planning Periodisation – Training errors, planning for performance, monitoring injury/illness/performance, planning for the gaps and travel ; Pathology Specific – Muscle, tendon, pain, mental health, gender ; Medical – Iron, Viral, respiratory, infectious diseases, vitamins, probiotic, immunology, genetic development ; Physical – sleep, body composition, energy availability, making weight, gender. Abstract : Rio 2016 promises to be a wonderful Olympics for athletes and spectators alike. The city is spectacular and Brazilians love their sport. There are however a number of medical challenges in Rio which have not been present at recent summer Olympic Games. The main medical considerations for Rio will be; contaminated water, mosquito borne diseases, personal security & the provision of medical services for sports whose venues are geographically dispersed. A knowledge and preparedness for the potential environmental and infectious challenges will help ensure that the team is not adversely affected by illness and that athletic performance is not impaired. Prevention of infectious diseases in athletes and officials will involve a number of strategies including a thorough pre-Games vaccination schedule, consumption of bottled water only, avoidance of food from non-approved outlets and employment of approaches to prevent mosquito bites. Conference program session 3 - Medical : Preparing for the road to Rio; Hygiene/Infection / Dr. Carolyn Broderick, Deputy Medical Director, Australian Olympic Team -- Immunology in athletes and considerations for training and illness prevention / Professor David Pyne, Australian Institute of Sport -- Stress, burnout, psychology. Whole life of stress; study, relationships, training, work; increase risk of illness / Professor Peter Hassman, University of Canberra -- Side effects of medication and alternative therapies / Dr. Warren McDonald, University of Canberra -- Iron/Hepcidin and iron supplementation in athletes / Dr. Peter Peeling, University of Western Australia.