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Australian sport policy
Prepared by : Chris Hume, Senior Research Consultant, NSIC/Clearinghouse, Australian Sports Commission. Evaluated by : Greg Blood, AIS Emeritus Researcher (December 2016). Last updated : Christine May, Senior Research Consultant, NSIC/Clearinghouse, Australian Sports Commission (13 July 2017). Introduction : Public policy in Australia is formulated by governments to communicate and deliver on a strategic intent. It guides decisions and government investment including support and financial assistance provided to individuals, organisations, and other community groups. Australian sport policy reflects the value and importance our society places upon sport. It will often be leveraged by or integrated with government and community objectives beyond the sport sector including preventative health and well-being, community and urban development, tourism and trade, and international relations. (From article). Key Messages : 1.The National Sport and Active Recreation Policy Framework (2011) (PDF - 417 KB) is the principal instrument at a national level guiding the development of government policies and programs for the Australian sport and active recreation sectors. 2.Australian governments at all levels leverage the benefits of sport for the wider community. Federal and all State and Territory Governments in Australia, maintain ministerial level representation for sport and active recreation. 3.It is important for sporting organisations to understand the current and historical context of public sport policy in order to better align and connect their policies, programs, and funding initiatives to governments' objectives and investment.


Australian Sports Commission, 251-A014